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Take Care of your self. Take Care of your Health.

Humans don't come with instruction manuals.


S.i. { Humans don't come with Instruction Manuals.}

S.i. are the ultimate life choices planning guides to create a future for your self

Health is vital. Know your Vital Statistics. Track Your Health. Set Goals to manage your health. We all have our own needs. Talk with your health care team and learn what you can do for your self. It is the only one you get.

Self Care: Take Care Of Your Self -You Are The Only One You Get.
Consider Each aspect of any objective and consider the 6DoP six degrees of Planning:
Foundation, Success, Value, Now, Near, Far.



Humans don't come with Instructions.

Life choices and planning guide to create your own future.

Self Kindness: Be kind to yourself.
Consider Each aspect of any objective and consider the 6DoP Six Degrees of Planning:
Foundation, Success, Value, Now, Near, Far.

Consider the Goal of Health in the simplest form: I want to be healthier. Such a vauge statement does not target anything specific but is very abstract.

Everything starts with building the 'Foundation'. Identify what you can do 'Here and NOW'.

Moving to the next level state the "Measurement of Success" for your goals. Building on the Foundation you created what can you do beyond the Now and into the Near Future to demand success from your efforts.

Keeping your eyes on the Prize state the highest level of attainment you seek that will bring value now, near and far into the future.

I want to be healthier!

Foundation: Starting Now I will track my health statistics and exercise daily.

Success: I intend to loose 20 lbs by ___Date by focusing on Diet and exercise

Value:: Working with advisers and professionals I will identify my ideal standards for me by focusing on a daily routine I can achieve my long term objectives of reducing my weight and blood presure.


Health First. You can struggle through illness and do great things. I have seen this.
Life is much easier if you take care of your health. The sooner you learn this and understand your individule health needs then it is much easier to care for your whole being.

Use common sense methods that have been proven to work.  If you don't set your goals and objectives someone else will.  Wouldn't you rather follow your own 'Self Instructions'?

Take the best ideas and make them our own. Create your own adventure one step at a time. One goal at a time.

Guided exercises help you work through the planning stages to create concrete step by step guidelines, schedules, personal policies and proceedures to help create routine in your liife.

Self Instructions are a life hack that help you plan for now and the future. Explore the foundational steps required to take action. Create Value for yourself and others as you tackle the most important project in your life. Your Self.

What are you aiming for?

Health Objectives are different for everyone.

We are each borne of our own conditions. Give yourself a pat on the back for learning to read and becoming motivated enough to do something about your own existence.

Health objectives start by knowing yourself. Knowing your body. Then set objectives and goals that you need to achieve.

No matter if your Asthmatic, quadriplegic, or just a little over weight, we all have goals and objectives. Use our planning guide to help you find your self instructions to manage your health. Communicate your needs with others. Follow your own progress.


Guide Book

Create and document your goals.

Common sense approach to identifying and challenging your dreams.


Step by Step walk through as you build your goals.

Just about anyone can swing a hammer. It takes practice to drive a nail home in one shot.

If you don't set your goals someone else will.
S.i. are Self Instructions.

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