Welcome to Self instructions.
S.i. are Self instructions.

Humans don't come with instruction manuals.


S.i. { Humans don't come with Instruction.}

S.i. are the ultimate life choices planning guides to create a future for your self and of your family.

Welcome to S.i.
S.i. are Self instructions

How to you define 'Family'?

Live, Really LIVE!
What does your family look like?

Self Instructions help to guide you towards your goals and dreams for your family. Past Present and Future all make you who you are. Your Family are your Roots.

Do you want your family to follow your social media or wouldn't you rather follow your own 'Self instructions'?



Humans don't come with Instructions.

Life choices and planning guide to manage your family aspirations.

We are all one family. How can we all get along with each other? Family is what you make it!


Family is the key to life. Treat them well. Encourage them and help them grow. They should do the same for you. Setting goals for a family is not a solo activity. We show you how to collaborate and cooperate your way into a shared life.

Use common sense methods that have been proven to work.  If you don't set your goals and objectives someone else will.  Wouldn't you rather follow your own 'Self Instructions'?

Take the best ideas and make them our own. Create your own adventure one step at a time. One goal at a time.

Guided exercises help you work through the planning stages to create concrete step by step guidelines, schedules, personal policies and proceedures to help create routine in your liife.

Self Instructions are a life hack that help you plan for now and the future. Explore the foundational steps required to take action. Create Value for yourself and others as you tackle the most important project in your life. Your Self.

What are your dreams?


We are born. We couple. Raise Children. Grow Old. Family and the friends that make family are special.


Guide Book

Create and document your goals.

Common sense approach to identifying and challenging your dreams.


Step by Step walk through as you build your goals.

Just about anyone can swing a hammer. It takes practice to drive a nail home in one shot.

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